I like stumbling across bands. Sometimes it ends up being deeply disappointing, frustrating, sometimes that first listen is the thing that does it. A few seconds is enough, it goes straight off – heard it before, embarrassing, not my thing, not in the least interesting etc etc. But sometimes, not often, but sometimes there’s something that holds you there, just listening, and it captures you. That rare thing, that’s what happened to me with likes lions.

I trawled further and found a brilliant ep, entitled ‘First the head, later the tale’. Its Indie music yes, but the tunes have got that certain charm to them as well. Intricate guitar work weaves around the songs and the songs themselves have playful rhythmic patterns (does nineteen go into 7 in a bar, you know just for a little bit? – or is it a hint?) The bassline doesn’t always take the obvious route around things, that gives some of the chords a sort of unexpected warmth. I couldn’t stop listening. Elements of the new psych-math rock protagonists, such as Dutch Uncles were prevalent, but (to me) they certainly held their own against this, and the last track on the ep ‘Everybody looks better in Sepia’ had a real post-rock, almost Mogwai instrumental feel about it (it’s not an instrumental) with some lovely arrangements.

I would suggest strongly you get along to the bands bandcamp page here, and grab the whole thing. I’m not exaggerating to say that there isn’t a weak track on there, and if you like it (which you will) you could grab the bands two other releases. One of them, a single called ‘living like ghosts’ is on the ep, but there are some good remixes, and the other another ep called Future Colour has some lovely moments on it, but maybe never reaches the heights of ‘First the head..’ again, you can grab them for nothing.

So there I was getting excited, listening and trying to offer them shows around the place (I know, that good) and then the inevitable happened. This appeared on their Facebook page a few days ago

Hey all, so I can no longer ignore the overly-dramatic entry in my to-do list entitled “KILL BAND”… Sadly Likes Lions has run its course, and 2012 was our last year as a band, for now at least. It’s been an awesome few years making music we love and playing some really fun shows, but now that we’re spread across the country it’s not really a viable thing for any of us to continue with. So with a… heavy heart we’re calling it quits, or more optimistically, an indefinite hiatus. We’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting the band – your kind words, support and donations have all meant so much to us. Please continue to enjoy our music, which will remain free on our bandcamp page, and share it with your friends.
So, there is likely to be no more from ‘Likes Lions’. So, while you can, go grab a load of free music, pop over to their Facebook and…well, say goodbye to them I suppose. Me? back to stumbling.