When I was six, we went to my Grandparents house for the day on Christmas day, as we did every year. Part of the day involved everyone sitting down and watching the Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show. This particular year I remember like…well, like I just watched it on YouTube to be fair. Elton (Elephant) John was the guest star, yet all through the programme he was stopped from getting to the show, instead being sent on a wild goose chase by the pair. In the end he arrives at the studio, and it’s all finished, everyone’s gone home and only the cleaners (Eric and Ernie both dressed up) are left. He proceeds to sing what appeared to be the saddest song I’d ever heard at the time ‘Shine on through’. This moment of (albeit comedic) pathos was rather lost on a tired little boy, and for the first (and currently only, fingers crossed) moment in my life I cried at Elton John. Despite this,  Morecambe and Wise remain one of my favourite things in the whole world (see, I’m even talking like a 6-year-old now)

Manchester’s Kill for Company are also a double-act, consisting of Michael Banfield who plays a unique self-manufactured hybrid guitar/bass and Mark O`Donoughue drums and percussion. The pair met as 16-year-old students, realising after various imploding bands, rife with politics and egos, they might be better off as a duo. Listening to the band, its hard to imagine there are only two players making such a full sound. This is in no small part due to Michael invention of  what Mark calls the ‘GuiBass’. A guitar with the low-end strings replaced by that of a bass guitar, cross-channelled  through a lead and bass amplifier, no less.  They have already been favoured by Michelle Hussey at BBC Introducing, who said ” I think im falling in love with this band” and an ever-increasing amount of airplay and press followed.

Alternative To Living EP Front Cover

Their fantastic first EP ‘money now’ say a wider audience sit up and take note of this indie/lo-fi outfit, and led ultimately to them signing to Manchesters  independent label, Longevity Records with big plans set for the near future. The first step in their relationship is to be the bands second EP “Alternative to living”,a 5 track EP out on the 20th April (Record store day). The lead track got its début play on BBCIntroducing recently, and there are plans for a limited run of 7″ with Nick from Screaming Maldini remixing the said lead track for the B-Side.

Kill for Company – Alternative To Living EP

The EP itself is great tuneful lo-fi indie, with some similarities to early Cure. The opener,  the rather stark title track builds slowly into a euphoric chorus. This really is top-notch indie fare, and it’s not surprising so many people have been jumping on Kill for Company’s bandwagon of late. Second track Black or White is immediately infections, more laid back than the opener, drifting along right into your head where it sticks. Push (track 3) again shows these boys are capable of writing engaging and infectious pop tunes and its held together with a sort of angular guitar line straight out of the new-wave handbook. Penultimate track Decide see’s a real change of pace to downtempo, and a demonstration of what this ‘Guibass’ can do, and its pretty good. Shades of a Kings of Leon sort of sound comes over, and that’s no bad thing. The EP’s final track is again a winner that nods towards (but only nods) The White Stripes.

Overall, this is an essential EP from beginning to end, from a band who, if they aren’t attracting the attention they should at the moment, surely will do soon. If one of them were to do silly things with a pair of glasses, and maybe play a song what I wrote, they might just rival my favourite double act ever. As it is, they’re close.

kill for company