Recently here are Sykes towers we were visited by my good lady’s Sister and her two kids. Imagine my horror at this! No Xbox time, no music on full blast and defiantly CBeebies on the TV for the duration of the visit. Arrrgghhh nooo. After lots of tears and tantrums (and that was before the kids arrived) the house was tidied (why? It’s going to be a bombsite after they leave) and a shopping trip to purchase lots of sweet treats and games (things are looking up here) they arrived. The kids in question are two little girls aged 4 and 2 not a demographic I’m used to encountering , unleashed a whirlwind of colouring in, gluing bits of card to other bits of card, sticky fingers, tears and chocolate up the walls (no it wasn’t a dirty protest!) the first half hour passed in a flash (yes half hour) after this frenzy it descended into a lets torture the only bloke in the house to hide and seek in its many and varied forms. You hide, we’ll hide we’ve hidden your phone and the inevitable we can’t remember where we hid your phone. Each round of this game (invented I’m sure in one of the seven circles of hell) was followed by the cry Again! Again! Let’s do that again!

With increasing levels of weariness I consented to hide in the cupboard under the stairs or behind the sofa. Eventually my screams of Enough! Enough! Were heeded by the other adults in the house and Peppa Pig was subsequently put on the telly and Uncle Pig crawled upstairs for a lay down.

Now I may be a self confessed Misery Puss but I have been known to hear a track and cry for more. It rarely happens but when I does oh boy does that track get a good work out, my generic MP 3 player creaks and groans with overuse.

One track that does this for me is “Overpriced” by Cuddly Shark. With a driving bass line and pounding drums it makes you sit up and listen, topped off with an in yer face vocal line and witty lyrics and its short running time of 2.40 makes you wind back and listen again (well it did me).


A PunkRock three piece from over the border in Scotland they are made up by :-

Colin Reid (Guitar Vocals)

Ruth Forsyth (Bass Vocals)

Jason Sinclair (Drums Awesome Hat Beard Combo)

Formed in the mid 2000’s their debut album the self titled “Cuddly Shark” was released in 2009 followed by the second “The Road to Ugly” in 2012 sandwiching a hand full of EP’s. What can I say about these guys? Funny, Tight, Brilliant and endorsed by celebrity Scotsman Kevin McKidd.


The track Doodle Bug goes to a place we’ve all been, overindulged that one time too many and needing to shed the flab (in fact it seems I spent most of my life in that state). BMI describes that night when you’ve had a few too many and trying to impress the girls with your best moves doesn’t pay off, or does it? These guys and gal may be putting out some songs with their tongue firmly in their cheek but it doesn’t detract from the nailed on fact that this lot can really play, and write in an intelligent and witty way some of the songs reminding me of “The Offspring” with their throwaway delivery.

So for once I have to agree with the girls and cry ‘again’, over and over, oh and don’t make me hide in the cupboard – I’ll be a good boy honest…… or as good as Cuddly Shark tells me I should be.


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