Hannah F gets all girly over NME-endorsede Indie rock darlings, East Londons Dexter
I had a big night out on Saturday. Went to Soho, drank cocktails, drank shots, danced a lot and all in all had an excellent time. But I know my days are numbered. As I sat on the East London overground on my way into town I had a stark moment of realisation. There I was in my leather hotpants (with tights obvs) and high heels drinking gin and tonic that I’d decanted into a water bottle and stuffed in my parka pocket, and I thought – I’m too old for this.
Luckily, I am gifted at mind over matter and pretending I’m much younger than I am so I put it to the back of my mind and finished my gin. It’s always there though, that niggling feeling that i’m past it. And it’s never more evident than when I happen upon a new band that I absolutley LOVE but know I’m really too old and uncool to like.
Step forward Dexters. East London’s hottest export and tipped to be absolutely MASSIVE this year. And I don’t mean tipped by me, I mean tipped by people who actually know about this shit. The band are Tom Rowlett (vocals), Chris Heggie (guitar, backing vocals), Ben Debo (lead guitar, backing vocals), Vincent Dignan (bass, backing vocals) and Chris Mardon (drums). The NME called their music ‘brash guitar anthemia of the very highest order’ and they are BRILLIANT. I seem to be using capital letters a lot in this post and I’m not sure why except just that I want to make sure you understand my depth of feeling.
Currently supporting another one of my favourites Courteeners and also taking part in the This Feeling live tour I would urge you to go and see them. The boys have previously supported The Enemy, The View and Glasvegas, and hosted their own Club NME night at Koko in Camden. You can watch a plethora of live videos on line to get you in the mood. All sweaty, breathless, jumping vocals and face-numbing guitars, they are like a delicious Strokes, Clash, Jam, Specials cocktail.
Dexters – Recover
Debut single Recover was released late last year and was on the XFM playlist. You can grab yourself a  free download, a demo version of fan favourite and usual set finisher ‘Oceans’ over at the bands Bandcamp Page. A second single is described as ‘imminent’.
 The debut album is currently in progress. I cannot wait. I will be DEFINITELY be attempting to see them live this year although given my age I might have to stand at the back to avoid the risk of being drawn into a pit of Hoxtonite teenagers with implausibly cool haircuts jumping up and down to Recover. Actually, that sounds amazing…f*ck it I’m in. Now where’s my leather hotpants?
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