When I was a child there was a programme on children’s TV called ‘We are the champions’ presented by Ron Pickering, and the exciting thing was (ok, so maybe I’m over-egging it a little, but this was in the days before you ever saw anyone making a tv programme) it came to our small town. It involved children doing sporty things, and featured a smattering of sporting stars as team leaders or some such thing. I wasn’t in it, but I did manage to get the autographs (come on, I was young) of some of the greatest sporting heroes of the day. Well, someone called Neil Adams anyway, who did judo.

The point was, after that day of huge excitement, they were gone. And what they left (now this really is over-egging it, but bear with me) was a huge (read tiny) void, while the BBC TV children’s bandwagon rolled on to some other small town, somewhere.

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JD Roots, you know – the part of Jack Daniels that looks after local music scenes,  works a little differently. As you may well be aware, they like taking big acts back to whence they started, so recently they’ve taken Miles Kane back to Liverpool and Maximo Park back to Newcastle. But crucially, JD Roots took The Cribs back to their home town of Wakefield. Rather than bask in the glory and move on (like, well, you know what) JD Roots have instead returned to the city, and offered their support to Wakefield’s fantastic little Long Division festival.

Therefore next Saturday (8th June) over in Wakefield you can watch a host of great bands. The line up for the JD Roots stage at the festival reads like this.

12:30 The Michael Ainsley Band  https://www.facebook.com/theMichaelAinsleyBand

13:30 The Exhibition http://the-exhibition.co.uk

14:30 Matadors https://en-gb.facebook.com/thematadors?filter=3

[youtubwe=http://youtu.be/rQN6tnoT-cg] Matadors – She’s in control

15:30 Blacklisters https://www.facebook.com/blacklistersmusic

16:30 Let’s Wrestle https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lets-Wrestle/32250749837

17:30 The Do’s https://www.facebook.com/thedosband

18:30 Nine Black Alps http://www.nineblackalps.com/

Nine Black Alps – My one and only

19:45 Sky Larkin http://skylarkinskylarkin.tumblr.com/

20:45 The Chapman Family https://en-gb.facebook.com/TheChapmanFamily

The Chapman Family – Anxiety

21:45 New Vinyl http://www.myspace.com/newvinyl1

22:45 Allo Darlin http://allodarlin.com/

Allo Darlin – My heart is a drummer

On top of that, there’s some other big names on at the festival, amongst them Howard Marks, Ghostpoet (don’t miss that) and The Fall, up and coming The History of Apple Pie and Kid Canaveral. In addition there’s a small gig on the Friday, and Sunday acts like a bit of a Fringe festival. Tickets for the Saturday are £20 (yeah, £20 – for all that music!) and you can get details of it here

Who needs Ron Pickering and Neil Adams anyway, right?

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