coastal cities

I was a fairly anonymous child. Painfully shy at secondary school I went about my business very quietly, hoping not to be picked out by pretty much anyone. I rarely if ever got into any trouble despite getting up to the usual teenage behaviour of too much attitude and too little knowledge. To my memory I only ever got into detention twice. Once for making a badly timed werewolf noise just as the science teacher who looked like said beast came around the corner. I spent break time picking up litter. The other time, the only real time I got into trouble I honestly hadn’t done anything. Trouble is, that was the problem. Charged with making something to present on the computer and trusted in the humanities (remember those liberal times?) I literally hadn’t done anything. Other than listen to the Housemartins and feast on crisps we had managed to smuggle in. I landed up with a break time detention with my fellow co-conspirators.

We found that we all liked music in this detention, but more than that we found we liked crisps, and once again spent the allotted time, feasting on a variety of different flavours, pouring out our dreams to be crisp makers, crisp packet designers, even the finest potato farmers (actually, that last bit – the dreams bit, is a lie, but it makes the rest of the story sound better).

Not so in High Wycombe, where three teenagers used a detention to discover they all liked music and decided to form a band. They named this band Coastal Cities, which allowed them to separate themselves from the local scene and hint at those spirited summer days.

Now out is the boys single Entropic which, much like their ambition is both spirited and summery. It’s the sort of sound that’s already alerted many of the taste-makers and other bands as well, The Drums tweeting about Coastal Cities debut ep Think Tank.

On top of that, French House producer’s Juveniles have remixed the track, off the back of their own single release, Strangers which came out towards the end of last month. They’ve utilised their love of retro keyboard sounds, and transformed the track from a killer indie tune, to a Ibiza style classic, its warm beats caressing you ears and dreaming of the summer holidays early.

I think I need a packet of crisps. Quick.

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