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Ten years are a long time. Thinking about what you were doing ten years ago similarly feels like a lifetime away. Me, I lived in London. I never wanted to, and I arrived in the big city determined not to enjoy myself, but London does have a certain allure about it, and it wore me down in the end. Of course some of the things I thought I would hate about it, I did hate, such as the seemingly random approach to the rules of the road, the questionable beer, and the fact that the tubes are like ovens when its hot, and like a fridge when its cold.

Up here in Sheffield ten years ago (well mostly, some of it was done down in Brighton) the all-round artisan that is Kid Acne was making (he’s always making, or at least creating) something. Not a wall, or an installation, but an album. A Hip-Hop album remembered by all who heard it with some fondness. Production was handled at the time by Fruity-Loops and graffiti wizard Req One. As Kid Acne says ‘We recorded everything onto Tascam ¼” tape recorders – either at my flat in Sheffield or his house in Brighton and bounced down the final mixes onto minidisc at the Skint studio’.

Kid Acne – Reality Raps

The result was ‘Council Pop’ an album that showed that Kid Acne was as adept with a rhyme as he was with a paint tin, using witty and clever couplets (are you supposed to talk about hip-hop with poetic references?) heavy beats, and clever cut-ups (Roy Walker included), which in turn led to Radio One airplay and shows with  Jehst, Blak Twang, Danger Mouse and Jeru The Damaja to mention just a few. A lots changed in ten years, me and Kid Acne both live in the same (steel) city now, and I have children and a blog and stuff, but Council Pop still shows its quality a decade on.

 kid acne - council pop 3

To celebrate that, Kid Acne has dug out a couple of boxes of the Vinyl from his basement, and hand-screenprinted the covers, back and front. He’s also printed an inner sleeve, and added some rarities (Instrumentals, and the Radio Music/Hooligan 78 12”) and is signed, numbered and embossed.

 kid acne - council pop

It’s available from this last Tuesday, so you need to be quick, because when they’re gone, they’re gone. And it’s a long time until the 20th anniversary.

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