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I really just want to fill this page with ‘Oh Wow!’ because, to be honest, that one tiny phrase sums last night up perfectly without really having to say anything else!

I was privileged last night to experience 90 minutes of pure divinity, as Martin Rossiter delighted us with both the beautiful and, even tho melancholy, inspirational songs from his magnificent solo album The Defenstration of St.Martin, Gene songs (which were received with raptures), but also an amazing cover of Prince’s If I was your girlfriend.  

Bush Hall, if you’ve never been is an exquisite little venue on the Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush.  It’s decor is totally beautiful and the perfect setting for such an exquisite performer (my adoration of Martin has never waned since the early days of Gene, when i fell head over heels with his unique vocals and elegant demeanor).

As the lighting dimmed,the set began with Where is love? from Oliver playing over the pa system, which set the scene perfectly.  It was such a warm evening, the audience were buzzing with anticipation and this just felt like the perfect introduction as we waited for Martin to appear.  The side door opened and out onto the stage came Robin Coward, Martin’s extremely talented pianist (the only other person to join Martin on stage…..well apart from an audience member right at the end, who was summoned by Martin to act as his microphone stand, as he played piano himself to enthrall us with I can’t help myself as one of his encore songs).

Robin sat down at the piano and began to play Three Points on a Compass and at that moment my heart just melted with the anticipation of what I was about to witness.  I had a clear view of the the stage, right in the middle, not at the front, but with not one person standing in front of me… say I was thrilled with my position would be understatement of the decade :)

And then he came…….and my heart beat in my chest so hard that I swear it could be heard over the music.  The second he sang one note I just floated away into the most glorious place.  Pitch perfect throughout the whole set, impeccable, not a falter on one word, his voice is just glorious, it’s blissful, almost angelic.

During this enchanting 90 minute set, Martin engaged in conversation with the audience and provided us with heaven, every song from Defrentration (I even just about managed not the cry to Drop Anchor….which was a surprise to me!) and as I said earlier Gene songs that we will adore to the ends of time….London Can you wait, Is it Over,I can’t help myself and the most amazing Olympian…..and oh wow! how I managed to keep my hands by my side for Olympian, i shall never know 😉 my restraint and respect for this wonderful scene before me I guess…..

The audience sang along to Olympian and delighted in it’s magnificence, you could feel the incredible atmosphere….and boy, did it get applause.  I always say, that one of the greatest gig experiences of my life was being at the front of the stage at The Princess Charlotte in Leicester, singing along, arms in the air to Olympian, way back in the day <sigh….> every true Gene fan should have done that before they die 😉

I so did not want last night to end, it was spectacular from the very first note, to the very last, a beautiful evening in the company of the beautiful Martin Rossiter and his incredible accompanying pianist.

My only regret from my wonderful view point……no photos! as it was being filmed for a DVD release later on in the year, which I am stupidly excited about already.  What a wonderful memory that will be of this perfect, perfect evening.

I can only finish by saying Thank You Martin…….you are truly wonderful, don’t ever stop.

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