So yesterday I put together this crazy little music video for a song from a music project I’m involved in called Cambodia Highball.  “I Told You I Was Broken” is a cool, dark little number that is nothing like anything else so far that we’ve recorded.  I wanted to put something together to help promote it and put it in some weird, little light.  A music video would be cool, right?  Well, yes.  It would especially be cool if I knew what I was doing.  I don’t.

I love all aspects of music.  I love the writing process.  I really love the recording process.  That’s where you can be as creative as you want.  Embellish to your hearts desire.  Mixing is so much fun as that’s where a lot of the artistry of making the song do its thing is involved.  Too much of something and the song is weighted down.  Too little and your not giving the song its full potential.  It’s a balancing act.  You need to have a really strong internal editor working in that head of yours if you’re going to be an effective engineer and mixer of your own songs.  Proper or improper mixing can make or break a track.  And mastering?  Well I’m still working on that one.  I’ve done it sporadically throughout my tenure as a recording musician.  I’m just now really delving into it, as before I’d have others help me out in that department.  This new song is the first time I’ve stepped out on my own in regards to the mastering.  Again, a good or bad mastering job can make or break a track.  As well as the actual creating and building of a song, I love the layout.  The artwork, the song sequencing,…you know, how the piece is presented.  That’s half of it right there.  I’ve heard some amazing records that the artwork almost killed for me.  So how it looks is a very important aspect.  There is one more thing in the presentation of music, and that’s the music video.  Growing up in the early 80s MTV was something I was in awe of.  Seeing videos of my favorite songs only added to my love of the tune.  It became part of the overall musical package.  There were some stinkers, for sure.  But there were also some really amazing videos.  So as I started writing and recording seriously the idea of someday making my own video was planted.  I’ve done several over the last few years.  All are amateur and rough-around-the-edges.  I don’t have equipment;  editing software, cameras, etc.  I generally use home video and mess with it.  Or I use public domain film.  I’m not a filmmaker, so that’s what I do.

Well, for this latest video adventure I wanted a specific look.  I wanted the look of the 60s and 70s.  Old ads and grainy 70s film.  I also wanted to be able to edit the footage instead of just putting chunks of film one after another.  Did I succeed?  Ehh.  Probably not.  But out of all the videos I’ve created for my music, this one is the most cohesive.  I might be on the road to something here.  Maybe even a self-shot video at some point.  Now that I’ve figured out how to edit, albeit roughly, with the generic movie maker software on my computer who knows?

Anyways, here’s how not to make a music video.  Enjoy!

Btw, all footage used is public domain.  So don’t try suing me, dancing popcorn!

You can download the track here.

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