rejjie snow

When I went to Ireland, I visited the Guinness factory. Everyone had told me that even if you don’t like Guinness, you’ll love it when you’re over there. Trying a pint of the black elixir when you’re over there is just something you have to try to do, like kissing the Blarney stone I suppose. The thing that struck me was that essentially it was beer but the Irish had taken it, made it their own, and in some ways, improved it. It was like beer, but better.

Also coming out of Ireland right now, is 19-year old rapper Rejjie Snow. Placing himself somewhere between ‘a drunken Irish Guy and (German/American social poet) Charles Bukowski‘, which in some ways immediately shows there’s some serious thought behind the rhymes of Rejjie Snow, he has just released his debut EP. Titled Rejovich EP, it shows that he’s lyrically dexterous, his rhymes flipping easily off his tongue with his laid back (more Ghostpoet than Proff Green) delivery.

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His star is rising, having already performed with King Krule, MF Doom and Kendrick Lamar, and it’s easy to see why on the EP’s lead track ‘Loveleen’, produced by per/five. There’s these smokey late-night¬† jazz beats that act as a carpet for Snow’s hushed rhyming. It’s autobiographical, and he throws impressive rhymes one after another, all with this slight Irish twang about him. You can pick up the ep here from iTunes.

Looks like the Rejovich EP is another example, much like Guinness, of the Irish taking something (hip-hop), making it their own, and in some ways improving it.

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