king krule

I think I might have liked to be a singer-songwriter that dealt with the issues that affected me growing up. I used to listen to the much missed and almost obsessively quoted John Peel whilst giving the illusion to my parents that I was doing ‘homework’ (making cassettes of the songs I liked) and through that I discovered Billy Bragg, and the Redskins and through them I discovered The Clash and other masters of bringing the street into the studio.

Problem was, I came from rural Leciestershire, and had a very sheltered upbringing. So as much as the fact I didn’t really enjoy Scouts, that I knew my father took me and my brother on long walks so it would tire us out, and my mother made (and still does make) lumpy custard – it wasn’t quite…well, raw enough to mobilise the youth onto my causes. So I thought it best to leave it to Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Billy and the rest.

I’ve no idea if 18 Archy Marshall, a.k.a. King Krule’s mother makes lumpy custard (let’s assume all mothers do) but South London is a bit nearer the heart of things that anywhere I grew up. He’s been releasing incredible singles for a while now, his bluesy, almost Clash/Bragg like delivery mixing with a little more soul and a dollop of dubstep beats and sounds coming out on labels like True Panther Sounds and Rinse (Rinse FM providing him with his John Peel moments when growing up)

He’s moved over to XL to release his debut album ‘6 Feet beneath the moon’ which comes out on his 19thy birthday, 24th August. From it, he’s previewed the track Easy, Easy. It’s a real stripped down Blues Stomper, with Marshalls voice striking, earthy and bluesy in a very English way. It deals with the very real issues that affect King Krule – discontentment, disappointment and social deprivation.

Even against my Blues masterpiece ‘I hate Scouts when it only knot-tying’ it’s strong, capable, enjoyable and memorable stuff. He might not appreciate it yet, but King Krule is going to thank his lucky stars he wasn’t born in rural Leicestershire soon.

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