midnight juggernauts
I used to wonder what world music was. Was it basically from everywhere else other than where I lived, or were some countries exempt. certainly the UK, US, Canada and Australia. But then, maybe Deus from Belgium should be exempted. And maybe those weird Welsh language speaking punk groups that John Peel played should be classed as ‘World’. So maybe it was just what Andy Kershaw played then, and the Bhundu Boys that were classed as ‘World’. It was all so confusing.
Take Melbourne’s Midnight Juggernauts. Formed in Melbourne back in 2004, and  have been forging their own (worldly) path ever since. They refuse to be pigeonholed by, well, almost anything really, instead taking elements of a whole range of genre, moulding into this (as they describe it) Soviet sci-fi pop, from Melbourne to, well, Macau I guess.
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Memorium is taken from their forthcoming album Uncanny Valley, out here in the UK on July 22nd. It’s their third full length offering, and was recorded between a Church in the Loire Valley area of France, and various studio’s in Melbourne. The tracks been given a Turkish Prison Dub makeover. It’s got this hot, african feel about it right from the start, but kicks in with this stabbing bassline. It’s a pulsating, throbbing yet understated house track with these snippets of vocal that add a little mystery to the overall sound, and there’s more than enough to hold you both on the dancefloor and as purely a listener. Stirring stuff.
Is it world music? It might be, I don’t know. But if it’s good, it’s good – no matter where it comes from.



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