When IMRD released their EP teaser, the expectations for the full release were set incredibly high. Not only have they lived up to promise but they also manage to go above and beyond what we’ve been shown so far. You’re going to have most reviews comparing IMRD to other metal bands and talking about their EP from a genre perspective so to make this one a little different, I’m going to talk about the music itself.

‘Bury The Past’ is an EP release that delivers on so many levels. Across three tracks, IMRD present themselves completely showing you everything you need to know. They have a rare ability to deliver a product that fulfills every requirement and at the same time will leave you impatiently wanting more. This is well written music plain and simple. The way they’ve structured each song is the perfect example of how a song should work. The build-ups, the dynamics, verses, choruses, bridges and breakdowns are masterfully executed. What’s more is that you can feel the highly infectious energy and passion that all of them have in every beat of every bar.

Ever since the word came out that they were releasing this EP it’s been one of the most anticipated events on my musical calendar and since I was given the chance to hear it I’ve had this EP on repeat for a long time and on every listen I’m still finding new things to appreciate. Guitar riffs that will have your jaw dropping, bass that will shake you, drums that will have your head banging and vocals that will strip your throat.

Here’s one track off the EP called ‘Suck It Jabroni’


IMRD release their EP on 26th July with a headlining show at Corporation in Sheffield to kick it off it style so make sure you’re there to experience one of the best things that the Sheffield music scene has to offer.


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