my personal murderer

I used to think I was special, growing up – that I had this special gift, to communicate with the afterlife. I would be going about my daily business, and suddenly I would get spooked, and hear this unearthly sound, and suddenly in front of me were these so called ‘dead’ children, dressed in black, sunken, almost black eyes, with these ghostly white faces, walking alongside ordinary healthy, alive people. It used to spook me out completely. Then it struck me; these people were Goths not ghosts, and I probably breathed a sigh of relief.Or something.

My Personal Murderer could be another one of us ‘Goth’ spotters. The name is the moniker of Yevgen Chebotarenko of the Ukraine, who mixes in the influence of the music of these goths, with cult surreal influences, and mixes it with this sort of lonely, isolated atmosphere to produce a couple of albums, starting with 2009’s Streets of Sheryl, and then 2011’s Sisters loving brothers.

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Now they’re (or at least he is) back with a new track ‘Singing for a doomed youth’, which sees this loneliness, this emptiness translated into a sort of ambient electronic sound, with visceral interjections and this ghostly and wholly unsettling lyrical content. It’s enough to spook you, to imagine you’re seeing ghosts, ghouls and goths. It was only after it finished that I breathed a sigh of relief.

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