math and physics club

I was good at three things at school. Art, PE and Music. I know what you’re thinking, not exactly going to be a city broker. But hey, who wants to be a city banker, right? I sort of liked being a (very straight-laced) bohemian. And I backed it up by being a deft hand at going to the snooker hall next door to the school, especially during French and Science, and at appearing to be listening while clearly not doing so.

The very idea of a Math and Physics club would have been just about the worst thing I could have imagined, and would have surely coincided with me spending my lunch money once again on a packed of biscuits from down the road, and a couple of frames. If I had done my after-school job, I might have stretched to a cup of tea.

However, the Maths and Physics Club we are talking about here is just about as enjoyable as I could have imagined. The Seattle indie darlings have been away from our ears for the last three years, certainly in terms of releases, so it’s a welcome pleasure to have them back with a single ‘Long Drag/Across the paper’ which comes out on the matinee label later this month. It preceeds the bands forthcoming long player, Our hearts beat out loud’, which follows later in the year.

The A-side is pure indie-pop goodness, and has enough fragility, tunefulness, and most importantly hand-claps (you KNOW how much we love hand-claps, right) that makes it completely lovable, without ever being overly twee or whiny. The video is shot in that sepia driven faux 8mm way, and features, according to the press release, features multiple indie celebrities (we don’t know who they are).


B-side is more a lament for love lost and features a more folky approach, with the added ukulele, mandarin and sweet harmonies that sugar coat this impending heartbreak.

The 7inch is out on coke-bottle green vinyl and is a limited run of 500 hand-numbered copies with the cover designed by artists Tae Won Yu.You can get it here

At this rate, my snooker cue going to stay firmly in its case for the time being.…

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