There seems to be plenty of post-genres in music these days. I can never really keep up with it, what’s post-metal, post-rock, post-acid. I think in reality these days it means that there’s been a little bit of a lull and then someone else gives it a try. At least newgaze made an attempt at something different. Maybe I’m wrong but the first one I remember was post-punk. Taking that aggression and making it somehow darker, it really was a separate genre to it predecessor.

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There’s a certain amount of post-punk about London three-piece Totem (that’s right, just Totem) who’ve just released their debut single See-Saw Girl through influential talent-spotters extraordinaire Moshi Moshi and it comes out September 23rd on download and lovely 7″ vinyl. The single itself teeters between the aforementioned post-punk, but hints here and there at pop-punk, kinks-like psychedelia and good old-fashioned (not post) Indie rock. The guitars bristle and the mixture of vocals (high and a deep baritone) give it this, well, post-rock feel, but it’s underlined by memorable melodies and these juicy crunching chords.

So (and can I apologise before we get there for this one) seems like this is one Totem without a pole, but with plenty of post…… I’m here all week.