There were times when the local farmer used to chase us off his farm, in my summer holidays. Or at least, that’s what ma and my brother told our friends. He probably just turned up as we were trying to ride his cows (yeah, cows – let me tell you, for the most part they just stand there) or pulling his potatoes out to take home, or cook on the tiny fires we made and we’d make a run for it in a mad panic. Some days we’d take our nets and jam jars to the stream, or ride our bikes over to the water authority premises and try to dam their stream and if we heard a car, we’d hide under the bridge. But you know, we were just kids.

What’s reminded me of this (probably sugar-coated) view of my childhood in the fields at the back of my parents house? Well it’s London trio F.U.R.S. The band, brother/sister Liam and Elle Wade alongside Olly Bets, have been making their own brand of Summer-soaked indie. Their debut single ‘Striptease’ made a lot of people sit up and take notice, not least the legend that is Johnny Marr, who immediately booked them on as support for his tour.

In the midst of writing material that will make up their debut album, out sometime this year, the band have now released a second single, Just Kids which see’s the band look at childhood. The single comes out next Monday (August 19th) on Loose Lips records. It drips with this hazy, sunny yet misty-eyed feel, that makes you feel, well, hazy sunny yet misty-eyed. Obvious I suppose. It’s also one of those indie records that sticks in your mind, and makes you smile.

Similar to those thoughts of when we were kids. I suppose.

If you’re free tomorrow night (Thursday) get down to The Shaklewell Arms in London, for their single launch. As if you wouldn’t want to anyway, it’s free – so there really is no excuse.

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