Lost Ghosts. Photo: Gemma Ross

Lost Ghosts. Photo: Gemma Ross

Being on holiday is hard and busy work when you’re a four-year old. I know, because I’ve just spoken to mine about what he wants to do today. Turns out that he wants to go to the beach, the penny place (amusement arcade), the playground around the corner and to the mini-golf just up the road. Looking out the window right at this minute, we might have to revise those plans, but while Spiderman is on the TV, we(or I) can relax for a minute.

Glasgow four-piece Lost Ghosts clearly haven’t spoken to my son, judging by their new (second) single ‘Summer Nothing’. The band, Gabriella Biazotti on vocals, synths and Violin, Gary Carlton on drums/backing vocals, Derek Connor on Guitar/Synths with Daniel Young on Bass and backing vocals, have made what is turning out to be one of my favourite records of the summer. Better still, you can grab it for nothing here

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/96326740″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Before ‘Summer Nothing’ has even got started there’s they nonchiently throw in a killer (sung) hook, and then reveal their hand as a female-fronted Twilight Sad(ish), or maybe Joy Formidable, but playing classic Indie-Pop in a way that so many bands these days don’t bother with, and jangly guitars with crushy chords, trebbly bass and ethereal keyboard lines. Gabriella’s voice is fragile and beautiful and her Scots twang just seems to give everything this lovely lilting quality, over the musical rush that’s going on underneath.

The song addresses breaking out and searching for answers about failed or failing relationship. If Lost Ghosts can get down here to the East Coast pretty quickly, me and my little boy can fill the void – we’re going to play mini-golf in about half an hour unless it rains…..