the browning

‘The only thing that should surprise us is that there are still some things that can surprise us’, so said the French author, thinker and essayist Francois de La Rochefoucauld. And, incredibly, he said it round about 400 years ago. Clearly then, it wasn’t after hearing Kansas City‘s The Browning, but if he had have heard them, he probably would have said it again.

The band formed in 2005, initially as a solo outlet for former As Blood Runs Black front man Jonny McBee. After releasing a couple of EP’s and their debut album (Burn this world) in 2011, and a few shuffles in line up that meant McBee was left as the only constant, then band has settled into writing and recording their second album, Hypernova, due out on October 17th. The band line-up now sees McBee as vocalist and electronics, with Colin Woroniak on Guitar, Drew Ellis on Rhythm Guitar and Coy Stewart on Drums,

But it’s the style of the music that catches you (along with me Rochefoucauld) by surprise. It’s a mixture of electronics, from new rave to dubstep and just about everything else in between, with elements of extreme metal – metalcore/deathcore specifically. It sounds like it won’t work, but, incredibly it does. Take the new song released by the band ahead of the release of Hypernova, called Gravedigger. Starting out with a sort of standard new rave keyboard riffs, and drum machine, its soon enveloped by the guitars, and McBee’s unholy howl, with both drums as well as the keyboards and guitars fighting for supremacy for the rest of the track.


The band have announced tour of both Europe and the US in the last few days. Beginning in Chemnitz, Germany on November 22nd. Support is provided for the tour by Upon this Dawning and Shoot the girl first.

the browning euro tourThe US tour precedes the European leg, kicking off on September 20th in Portage, Indiana. The support for this leg of the tour features This or the Apocalypse, Honour Crest, Tear out the heart and Myka Relocate.

the browning us tourI hope I haven’t spoiled the surprise?!/thebrowningband


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