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When I was growing up, the one programme that I use to love was the A-Team. For me there were such a lot of completely brilliant characters (I know, I was young) who just worked together brilliantly, from Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck using his looks to get what he wanted, BA Baracus building something spectacular out of whatever was hanging around. H.M. Murdock (mad dog) doing whatever flying needed doing and it all headed up by John ‘Hannibal’Smith, master of diguise/tactician.

The new release from Young Turks, due out on 16th September on lovely 12″ vinyl, sees the London label take the role of  Hannibal, in control and heading up a talented team of individuals. Admitedly not surviving as soldiers of fortune, more purveyors of quality music. On their books already they have The XX (plus Jamie), SBTRKT, FKA Twigs, John Talabot, Kwes, El Guincho, Chairlift, Holy Fuck, Wavves, Sampha and others. The release itself is a celebration of some of the acts that are currently on the roster  and features, on one side Koreless, and on the other Lost Scripts.

Koreless, we’ve run into before. It’s the project of Welsh producer Lewis Roberts. He’s had three releases out so far, his 2011 debut 4D/MTi, Lost in Tokyo from the following year, and this years Yugen. He makes the very essence of intelligent dance music, with loops, layers and beats all fighting for supremacy. Moreover, taking the BA Baracus roll, he makes everything using just stuff he finds around him. Computers and Sequencers mostly, as opposed to some kind of adaptable vehicle, but still. The 12″ features, probably the most popular track on Yurgen, Sun, which is a staple set starter the world over.


On the flip side comes Lost Scripts. Piloted by Barcelona DJ/Producer John (mad-dog?) Talabot, who joins forces with long-term collaborator Pional to make something fresh and new for the release. It’s full on house sound, with the warm bouncing bass sound and indie/almost XX style vocals make it a stand out track. It’s chorus hook make it an infectious listen, and they were hailed and generally worshiped following Talabot’s acclaimed ‘Fin’ album, released last year.

Young Turks might be on to a real winner with their celebratory YT2013 series. You know, I love it when a plan comes together.

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