It is an impressive feat, to have constructed a song using sampled and manipulated versions of your own vocals. As with earlier single ‘Fly’, singer Vanessa Fernandez has built this track organically and that approach extends to the whole of her forthcoming EP.  Formerly part of twosome Octover, from Singapore, she will release the full “Vendetta E.P.” on 15 October on Syndicate records.

“Ground Zero” is a beguiling listen, and I love some of the effects that she achieves – particularly the wordless, ghostly background voices and the stuttering “so-so-so-so-sos”.  Up until around 2:30 the song achieves a kind of unsettling menace delivered by the brooding, throbbing deep bass and the aforementioned wailing will o’ the wisps. At that moment the introduction of a series of more optimistic, hummed top notes points the way out of a bleak time: the redemption after the “fall from grace” Fernandez sings about. I look forward to you trying to escape the quietly sinuous charms of this unexpectedly toe-tapping, bewitching number.

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