golden state
I’ve been to California. But I have learnt all I need to know about it from watching Baywatch, Knight Rider and Saved by the Bell. And what I learnt was this. That it was beautiful, warm, relaxed and (what with all the crime/beach escapades going on) had this touch of danger and excitement about it.
The Golden State are from California. Consisting of James Grundler on vocals and guitar, fellow guitarist Marc Boggio, Drummer Fern Sanchez and former Rec Jumpsuit Apparatus bassist Elias Reidy. Singer Grundler is also known for his tenure in Paloalto, who had a couple of Rick Rubin produced out on American Records.
They’ve been working the local scene since 2005, releasing a couple of ep’s and a debut album, ‘Division’. But the rest of the world has been catching onto Golden State’s emotion driven Indie-rock, and the inclusion of their track Til the end as the theme tune for Prince William and Kate Middleton no doubt helped.
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Out on September 30th on State Champ records is their new single, World on Fire. Although Grundlers vocal dominates the record with its soaring intensity, there’s this sort of U2/Bunnymen style accompaniment, and the song is worthy of its musical comparisons. Really.
Or put it another way, it’s like what I learned about California – it’s beautiful and warm, but also exciting.
And to think my Mother said I’d never learn anything just by sitting in front of the TV.
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