Rival Sons have announced their Canadian headline tour and all I can say is that I highly recommend going, and if you can’t make it over there then there has never been a better time to start listening to them. Playing a mix of rock and blues and influenced by too many great artists to mention (although to get the ball rolling lets say Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones), Rival Sons do it in a way that puts others to shame.  Here are their tour dates below.


10/24/13 Toronto, ONT  Phoenix Concert Theatre      Canada
10/25/13 Peterborough, ONT  The Venue      Canada
10/26/13 Ottawa, ONT  Tailgators      Canada
10/28/13 Kingston, ONT  Merchant Tap House      Canada
10/29/13 Montreal, Quebec  Le Petite Campus      Canada
10/30/13 Quebec City  Le Cercle      Canada
11/01/13 London, ONT  Norma Jean’s      Canada
11/02/13 Hamilton, ONT  Bay City Music Hall      Canada
11/03/13 Owen Sound, ONT  The Harb      Canada


I first heard of the Rival Sons two years ago when they had just released their current album ‘Head Down’ as I was browsing in HMV. My browsing changed from looking at potential purchases to standing in the same section just listening to the album that was playing. After five tracks had passed I’d contacted one of my friends about the band and was already looking into booking tickets for a show that was two days from that point at Corporation in Sheffield. In the space of two hours I had heard them for the first time, bought the album and gig tickets.  I should note that this was a very rare occasion. I don’t fall this easily for a band but these guys had it all.

(the song kicks in at 01:20)

Live, it was one of the best shows I had been to in a long time. They knew how to engage their audience with their songs and the in-between banter. For most of the show I was stood in awe at these accomplished musicians playing incredible songs that even two years later still take me back to the first time I heard them. Just in case you’re thinking that they may be too heavy for your taste they also pull off acoustic songs really well too.


This was one of my favorite albums and shows of 2012 and I’m sure that it’ll become one of yours too when you indulge in what the Rival Sons have to offer.