ivan ives

I’m not sure what the American dream is, being from England, where we don’t really go in for hopes and aspirations, but I imagine its to be a success at whatever you do. That’s why people moved to America in the first place, and still do, I think. It’s the place where anything is possible.

Ian Ives was born¬† in Russia, but moved to america and now resides in Los Angeles. His new single, Higher, produced by Aaron March, is taken from his new album ‘Stranger’. Since moving into the world of hip-hop, he’sworked with the likes of Cappadonna (Wu-Tang), Tre Hardson (Pharcyde), Percee P and Oh No from the Stones Throw label, The Cool Kids, Black Milk, Vast Aire and a host of others.

He’s been receiving plaudits as well. Rolling Stone no less named him as among the next 40 artists to watch, and SPIN named him as one of their top 8 unsigned artists. It’s easy to see why. The song is opens this warm hue of electronica, and the track is served well with a beautiful string arrangement throughout, that gives it this dreamy. spacious quality. And Ivan Ives pulls out rhyme one after another, quirky, listenable and very good. The track twists and turns with different time signatures and phrases adding to the leftfield feel.

The video directed by Ives (he went to film school) tells, as he himself says, ‘reflect[s] the uniqueness of the song, and so we tell a disjointed story about an astronaut lost in space of his own mind’. Certainly it trippy and interesting piece of animation.

Is Ivan Ives living the American dream. I don’t know, but he must be close


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