sam smith

I was once in a hotel somewhere, I have a feeling it was America, but I could be wrong, and they were piping some Muzak through the speakers. I think it was Burt Bacharach’s ‘Say a little prayer’ with the unusual awful panpipes playing the tune, along side some cheesy keyboards and inappropriate drum beat. The thing was, its such a good song, it sounds good whatever the arrangement, or context, or (probably) level of performance. I rode that lift up and down till the song finished, and then got off at the wrong floor.

Its like Sam Smith’s song, Nirvana. It’s the sort of song you can instantly latch onto, and not just because of his incredible voice either. It’s a slow RnB burner, with the wash of sound over it, making one of those slightly blurry tracks, the deep baseline making your shoes buzz and smith shows the chops that saw him taking vocal duties on Naughty Boys ‘la la la’ and Disclosure’s Latch

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He’s i released a couple of versions of the track, that demonstrate its strength, and beauty. The first is a Two Inch Punch remix, which has this spidery electronica that crawls all over the track, making it shine, screwing with the original but still keeping lots of the hooks that make it what it is.


The other version is an acoustic one, Smith and a piano taking the track to an even higher emotional level. Seems that whatever you do with the track, and in whatever context you hear it, it’s still a great song.

I just pray I never hear it in the lift.

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