sebastien grainger

We all need to have fun sometimes, right? Even my P.E. teacher at school, Mr Driver must have had fun at some point in his life. And I don’t men when he had us run the length of the field shouting ‘I must not forget my kit’ before turning round,running to the other end of the field and shouting the same thing, must have he fun sometimes, mustn’t he?

Seems its time for Death from above 1979’s drummer/singer Sebastien Grainger to have fun. Although he may growl and gnash his teeth, as well as battering his poor drum kit as part of the infamous death/blues/electro/punk outfit, he’s just released the details of his new solo record, called ‘Yours to discover’, and its out on November 11th.

Grainger has traded in the aggression for something more akin to the dancefloor with the single, going with you’ he’s currently streaming over on his soundcloud page.

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It’s perfect pop, complete with irresistible hooks, a synth line to die for, guitar solo, and just the best uplifting party vibe about the whole track. It’s laced with layers of electro noise, backing vocals and echo. But it’s the song that steals the show, simple but effectively. Happy and forward thinking, and just very, very good,

Sebastien Grainger is most definitely having fun at the moment.

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