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I’m rubbish at D.I.Y. I just haven’t got the eye for it. You know how some people can instantly tell if something is straight or not. I can’t do it. I bought a house that was in terrible need of DIY, everything had been ripped out, even the kitchen. A few years later I sold it, and despite me putting everything in it needed, it probably still needed everything ripping out. Because cupboard doors were wonky, shelves were slanted, my kitchen work top was just half an inch too short, the draught excluded meant the door was difficult to open, and there were paint splashes over the carpets.

Theo Varney is a bit better at DIY than me. Not conventional DIY, but making his own records. At that means really making them. He plays all the instruments himself, although for live dates he does draft a band in to help him, but he also records, produces and mixes his music as well.

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His latest DIY efforts have resulted in the Heavy Sunn EP, from which he has revealed the title track. It’s a psych-soaked affair, with these spacey sonic guitars, trading with quite an angular indie tune in places. But its these huge riffs that pin you to the wall, too scared to move, too intoxicated not to listen. It gets even thicker in texture with an appropriately druggy sounding guitar solo, before its abrupt end finally allows you to escape. It’s totally thrilling.

I’m not sure, as good as he is at DIY, that Theo Varney has an eye for something straight either. Because this is some of the most fantastically, thrillingly tilted music you will hear all year.

It’s out on Hate Hate Hate on 21st October, on 10″ Vinyl and download.

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