the south
It’s hard not to pigeonhole music and artists, when you spend so long talking and writing about them. Nobody likes to be pigeonholed into one particular thing. I hate it when people say the Backseat Mafia is a music blog – erm, I say, we like to write about art and things as well. So I can see that us commentators regarding something as Metal, that was actually written as post-rock or something would be annoying.
It’s just I’m struggling with The South. After carrying on following the demise of The Beautiful South, Dave Hemmingway and Ali Wheeler, two of the original three singers, were not quite ready to walk away from a glittering back catalogue quite so easily. This was one of the go to bands for quiet, quirky singalong pieces of pop perfection. That resulted in thirty-four chart singles, including number one ‘A little time’, and 15 million record sales, including their number one compilation album ‘Carry on up the charts’.
And so they formed The South, roping in, amongst others, keyboard player Damon Butcher, and horn section Gaz Birtles and Tony Robinson, mainstays of their former bands touring section, and set about writing some new songs. They now have a debut album, Sweet Refrains under their belts and from it is this single ‘Pigeonhole’.

Right from the opening you know straight away that the band have lost none of their ability to write instantly accessible, instantly loveable songs and melodies. There’s nothing experimental or even new here, but its jam-packed with classic songwriting, the two voices harmonising pretty much throughout which gives it this wholly irresistible quality.

So there you have it. I sorry, but I’m going to have to pigeonhole The South as purveyors of pop perfection.

You can catch the band on tour, just about everywhere, this Autumn /Winter. Details Below

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