best friendsWhen I think back to my childhood, it’s all summer holidays littered with climbing trees, trying to ride cows (don’t ask, we lived in the country) and germolene, which my mother put on out almost never ending stream of cuts and bruises, exccept when we got, well, nosebleeds, in which case she insisted on sqeezing our noses so hard that the whole area was probably starved of blood, never mind it running down our faces.

Up in Sheffield, growing up was different. No cows or tree climbing, instead the boys, Lewis Sharman, Tom Roper, Ed Crisp and Jack Collister, brought a different set of experiences and knowledge to bear, when forming a band, namely an encyclopedic knowledge of WWF, a full set of achievements on Mario Kart and several crates of beer. Back in September they released a single, Happy Anniversary (o Art Hard records), a brilliantly noisy piece of indie slacker-rock, and they’ve just released a video to the b-side from the track, Nosebleeds.

The track opens with this impossibly infectious guitar line, and it only signals the start of this brilliant slice of indie pop, shuffling basslines, weaving guitar parts and the sort of backing vocals you can join in with after only one listen. The middle section that slows only raises your expectations for the inevitable return to speed, that arrives bang on cue.


The video shows the boys out and about enjoying themselves with a 9mm camera. Looks like these lads know how to have fun. Almost worth getting a nosebleed about.!/BestFrienddss



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