There are always music releases that you look forward to. Sometimes they can come out of nowhere and surprise. Other times you can look forward to a release for a full year and only hope that it delivers. A full year after seeing Ameira for the first time I finally have their debut EP in my hands and I can safely say that it was worth every long second of the wait.

When I first saw Ameira they were exactly the band I needed to see at that point in time, a band that revitalised my passion for seeing live music and remembering why I got into working in music in the first place (everyone’s story will be different and personal and this is only a small part of mine).  This EP delivers the same feeling of excitement.


Here is the music video for their single ‘We Never Close Our Eyes’



The first song they played that night was ‘Stolen’ (track 5 on the EP) and it’s still my favourite, but every song on here, consisting of three singles, two unreleased and one demo showcases their talent brilliantly. Everything from song writing to the guitar licks, harmonies and solos that emphasise a certain point, the bass lines that are combined perfectly with the beats on the drums and the crashes of the cymbals and the fact that they keep the energy up throughout every beat of every bar make this a joy to listen to.

Their sound can be described as Alternative Rock and to list specifics, a combination between Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters with so much more in-between. It would take me a long time to try and explain everything about their sound without going into the technicalities of music but suffice to say there is lot contained in each of their songs that is worth discovering for yourselves.

Lyrically every song has a great meaning to it. Songs that range from hopes and dreams to relationships and their long lasting effects cover some familiar territory but never feel like they are conforming to the clichés that surround them.

All four members of Ameira are great musicians individually and combined  the results are tremendous.  There are so many elements I love about this release. It’s technically brilliant, the songs are well structured and it covers everything that I look for in a band. This is my top EP release of the year and the more I listen to it the more hidden treasures I discover in each track.

Here is the title track from the EP – ‘Where I’m From’



The EP is officially released on the 28th Nov 2013, which is Thursday and less than 48 hours away. You can purchase it on any of the sites in the image below, at their gigs or order directly from their website.


You can find them on the following:





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