mutado pintado

Sometimes, things become so bad that you have to take things into your own hands. I know, I’ve seen it in a multitude of Sylvester Stallone and Steven Siegal films. Although not on quite the same level as that, a mutual disdain for the wipe ring Indie and synth babies plaguing the world of music brought Mutado Pintado aka Craig Lewis Higgins Jr, and an old NYC buddy Dragon Wing, who had literally saved his life at one time.

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Mutado Pintado is on a bit of a roll at the moment, having released Blue back in May, and a first physical release, EP 1, which dropped on 7 inch vinyl back in September. The Tick bursts into life over this crunching, grinding guitar line, but it still manages to have this sweet, almost bittersweet indie chorus. Definitely no wimpering or synths in evidence here though.

Also featured on the release are two remixes, one a laid back electro workout by Save, or Mutado Pinado himself, alongside former Output recording artist Colder. It’s a precursor for the pairs debut album, which is out next year. The other remixis from Medicine 8, they who recieved praise from none other than Lou Reed, who described their remix of Mystery Murder as the best of any Velvet Underground remix he’d heard.

The Tick is out on December 30th.

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