Christmas is the time where a lot of traditional and themed music is released, it’s always been a time honoured tradition and whilst these releases are fun and enjoyable they are comprised predominately of classic songs and covers of those same songs. In an age where the Christmas No. 1 is the latest winner from X-Factor or even something entirely unexpected like Rage Against The Machine we’ve had a distinct lack of an actual Christmas song. But every now and then we are treated to something new.

A Christmas EP that was released yesterday by Alex G (one of the top artists on the YouTube roster) titled ‘It’s You That I’ll Miss This Christmas’ has the benefit of having an original Christmas song on it. The opening song being the title track, it has all the hallmarks of what a classic Christmas song requires – catchy hooks, a great chord progression, lyrics that are themed & entertaining and of course the ever important addition of bells. This is an incredibly well written pop song and whilst I can hear elements of other songs in the mix all of those other songs are very well written songs too. When you can honour other songs by writing one that is just as good if not better then everyone’s a winner.

Here’s the teaser for the music video (more info on the full release below):[youtube=]

Granted this song is aimed at a younger audience but when everything else (and there’s truth to this) is fairly old by this point it’s refreshing to have a new take on something that will inspire creativity in a younger generation but there’s something so delightfully catchy about it that will have just about anyone tapping their toes to it.

Following this are three covers of some of the all time great Christmas songs and each one is highly enjoyable, well performed and all have that classic feel to them, the one where you would ideally be sat in the glow of the fire. When a record can make you feel something like that it’s always a high point. The covers are able to balance that perfect line of staying true to the original yet at the same time adding a modern feel. Featuring a duet with Tyler Ward on ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ as the last song on the EP, you’re left with what can only be described as that great feeling that only an all time favourite Christmas song can give. I should also add that it takes something special to get me into the Christmas spirit this EP is exactly that.

Track listing:

1: ‘It’s You That I’ll Miss This Christmas’

2: ‘The Christmas Song’

3: ‘White Christmas’

4: ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ feat. Tyler Ward

If you downloaded the EP and want to see the full music video of the title track, you can find it here and it’ll only cost $0.99 so if you feel like supporting a musician on her journey then go ahead and join in the fun. It’s high in production value and expertly made to boot.

As an updated extra bonus here’s the collaboration video with Tyler Ward for ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’.

To tide you over here’s something else by Alex G that’s holiday themed. Here is a recent collaboration with Alex G and Robby Word orchestrated by Kurt Schneider for a mash up of ‘Let It Snow’ & ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’.

The EP is available on iTunes.

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