Unless you’ve been hiding under a stone for the last 12 months, you won’t have fail to noticed the rise of a new wave of psychedelic music grooving it’s way into your headspace. If you’ve peeped out  a bit further from under the stone and had a look around, you may have already come across Half Loon.

half loon 2

We reviewed their single, ‘Swearword’ back in November, and now they’re back with another.

‘Reverie’ starts with drums and cymbals, leading nicely into the sound of what could quite easily be the mellotron of Syd Barrett’s era. The guitar riff soon swaggers in and continues to haunt you throughout the track. Daniel Pickards vocals drift along with music helping create a sensually hypnotic track that will roll around your head for hours after you stopped listening.

Half Loon 1

Accompanied by a suitably trippy video, ‘Reverie’ is a joy. Released on the 3rd of February via RIP Records, the single will be available with a B – Side for digital download through all major distributors.

Don’t go back under that stone just yet. Keep your eyes wide open, because Half Loon are due to be touring and playing shows throughout 2014.

One last thing. If anyone can tell me where drummer, Charlie Heaton, got his shirt from in the opening shots can you drop me a line please.

Half Loon are: Daniel Pickard (guitar, lead vocals), Nick D’Amico (guitar), Simeon Cunningham (bass), Charlie Heaton (drums) and Aidan Clough (Keyboards).


*Please note: The gig at Shacklewell Arms has now been cancelled.