Scheduled to release on 24th Feb in the UK, A Great Big World is releasing their debut album titled ‘Is Anybody Out There’. With the success of their current single ‘Say Something’ still going strong, this release is hotly tipped to be a successful one.

The songs available for preview include their singles ‘Say Something’ (you can find my review for that one here) and ‘This Is The New Year’ and those two songs lay the groundwork perfectly for what to expect from this album. ‘This Is The New Year’ (even though it was released last year) is a great song to go hand in hand with the start of 2014 filled with optimism, upbeat melodies, a foot stomping rhythm and is a song that you’ll be singing along to in an animated fashion.

The other two songs available consist of ‘I Really Want It’ and ‘There Is An Answer’ that continue in the same vein of upbeat and catchy songs. ‘I Really Want It’ on first listen already has the hallmarks of being a successful song (and hopefully single) and it covers everything that ‘A Great Big World’ are going for – songs that have key focus on lyrics and melody and well composed song structures.

When the current selection of pop music being released can easily be described as a flash in the pan selection, it’s refreshing to have something that clearly has staying power and from these previews they are definitely a band to keep a keen eye on.

If you’re looking for an album that will be a contender for the top lists of the year then this is up there with the early releases of the year. Recommended for fans of Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five, Death Cab For Cutie, Owl City and overall well written pop music.


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