Backseat Mafia strives to discover the best in new and old Music and Film and bring it to our audience

From humble beginning as a way of passing the time while recovering from broken bones, when Backseat Mafia passed the one million view mark recently, it announced itself a one of the more respected music and film websites in the UK, striving to find new and lost, forgotten and future gems for our audience.

We put on shows in the north of England and beyond under our Backseat Mafia presents moniker, and curate a stage at Coastival Festival each year. We have a record label, putting out physical format limited edition releases.

We’re not really into cheap shots at things we don’t like, so instead we focus on music and film we really do like. We’re not swayed by genre, we don’t follow hipster trends, although we acknowledge some of them, and although we’re known for our writing on psych and indie, we’re just as likely to write about jazz, or death metal, or hip-hop, or indeed ANY other musical genre If we like it.



We are a collective of music lovers, photographers, film-makers, tech people, podcasters and social media squirrels. We are always looking for new ideas and new contributors, wherever you are, whatever your skill set or experience, and whatever your taste in music. If you have a little time on your hands and a passion for music or film, ask us for details.

Submit for review

We welcome submissions, but please bear in mind that we get hundreds per day. Yours will stand out by being bold, doing things differently and offering some kind of exclusive. Premiere’s, exclusive plays, interviews and such things will certainly help. However, if we like it, we’ll try and write about it anyway.

Play our shows

We’re always looking for bands who are interested in playing our shows. Both touring bands from the UK and further afield as well as new and unsigned bands are welcome to approach us and we’ll try and get you on one of our shows, or organise something special because we love your stuff. We already curate a stage at Coastival, and we’re more than happy to speak to promoters at festivals and all-dayers where we can help and do the same. Similarly, budding promoters can speak to us as join our ‘Presents’ team.


Send demos, links, whatever you like – make it your best stuff though. If we like what you’re doing, we’ll talk to you. We’re not limited by genre, or if your brand new to the scene, or experienced hands in the game.

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    ALBUM REVIEW: Aaron Cupples – ‘Island Of The Hungry Ghosts’ original soundtrack: a sonic film in itself

    There’s always that caveat with a soundtrack that this is music in service to another artform. But Island Of The Hungry Ghosts is a sonic film in itself. It wholly lets the soul of the island through and onto your record deck. If you’re a fan of labels like Touch, Kranky, this is so a record for you.

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    ALBUM REVIEW: Richard von der Schulenberg – ‘Moods And Dances’: a fun, exotique library music trip

    Moods And Dances is the sort of album you cheekily slip onto the deck at a very groovy soiree at about, ooh, midnight, to bring some bizarre and spacey dimensions to proceedings and during which at least two of your friends turn to you and say with a bewildered grin: “Wow, what is this?”

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