Premiere: Louis and the Shakes give us an exclusive listen to their seductive, romantic new single ‘Bullet 4 U’.

Louis and the Shakes have been creating a very pleasant sonic disturbance in the atmosphere with a run of blistering explosive singles that have brought the razor edge back into rock’n’roll and injected the genre with some very refreshing verve and vivacity. We are therefore very honoured to give you an exclusive early listen to their new single ‘Bullet 4 U’, due out on 20 August 2021.

And what a single. Proving the band has many colours in its palette, Louis and the Shakes have gently applied the brakes, turned the lights down, put on a red velvet suit and poured a glass of single malt whiskey while crooning with delicious intent. The wild hair has been tamed, the scenery changed from the swampy bayous to a glitzy Las Vegas venue, but the same mischievous glint is in the eye.

Torch light seduction, an arched eyebrow and a smoldering look never sounded so enticing as Louis Antoniou delivers his most mesmerising perfomance yet without breaking into a sweat. You couldn’t say the same about recipients of his romantic affections after having this level of brooding romantic seduction directed at them. And while the Shakes only shimmy this time, they do so with the same burning intensity. Crystalline guitars splash in the background while the rhythm section sinuously prowls around in the undergrowth.

Whatever the pace, Louis and the Shakes deliver a theatrical intensity to their craft, and it is an utter delight:

You’ll need a cup of tea and a lie down after listening to this. ‘Bullet 4 U’ is out on Friday, 20 August 2021 and you can pre save it here.

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