TRACK: Floyd Stapleton – ‘seventeen’: delirious tronica from the mirror crack’d

Floyd Stapleton

FLOYD STAPLETON is an electronica artist operating out of the Windy City who isn’t afraid to roll his sleeves up, go for a walk on the wild side, explore the darker and sleazier side of life in sonics.

He’s been working out on the darker, dripping edge of the experimental electronica scene for a couple of years, and he’s released two EPs this year.

The first, Floyd’s Film Club: Vol. I was a five-tracker that paid homage to his icons of the silver screen: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Natalie Portman, Dakota Johnson, all rendered in a twilit, low-rent swirl of hissing percussion, neo-8-bit textures, stutters, spoken word and lyrics ground through a chemical prism to emerge wrapping and eerie.

Fronting up and telling it exactly like it is, he’s just released a full-length nine-tracker, I AM A SEX ADDICT, which gazes less with adoration at the projections ahead, and more at the silvered screen of the mirror crack’d.

We’ve embedded the track “seventeen” herein to give you a flavour of his dark materials. There’s discorporeal voices, lent a further digital grain; the spectre of sweet melody, adrift somewhere in a hallucinatory state; woozy tronics, free association.

It’s part Bam Bam’s eerie early rave classic, “Where’s Your Child?”; part Burroughs; part Suicide, or $hit and $hine; part Matmos. It’s a deep and intelligent spin through discomfiting territory, with just enough melody and weirdly, hummability to stop you falling into the void forevermore.

Floyd says that I AM A SEX ADDICT “… deals with a period in my life where I struggled with substance abuse and loneliness, and I wanted to sonically reproduce the feeling of being high and alone.

“On the whole, I’m very influenced by films, and I make a lot of film references in my music.

“Drug experiences are also very influential for my sound – certain songs and melodies (the “VOID” song on this EP, in particular) are directly based off of things I’ve heard in my mind when I was under the influence of something, so it’s really important for me to sonically reproduce that in order to capture the feelings I want to get across.”

Join Floyd as he shakes up the scene and takes an unblinking stare at some of the truths of humanity: the highs and the genitalia and the spin of being a being in the 21st century.

Follow Floyd on Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud and at his website.

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