Track: Louis and the Shakes release the swampy, swaggering, brute force attack of ‘On One’

Louis and the Shakes have an unerring ability to create gyrating dance hall fillers that create disturbances in the atmosphere. After blasting away the cobwebs last April with ‘Losing My Mind‘, the band is back with ‘On One’: a track that eases just ever so slightly on the brakes but turns up the dirty, scuzzy knobs on the dial to eleven. There’s a swampy, bluesy feel to the guitars that gurgle and splinter like a chainsaw and Louis Antoniou’s voice reverberates with a kind of lust-filled depravity of an errant preacher. Cathartic? Oh yes – there is a deep satisfaction to the full throttle drive of the rhythm section and the yelping, cajoling mesmerising vocals.

Of the track, the band says:

This song is for those who want to make something of this life. Hold your head high, ride the waves. None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, just yourself.

It’s hard to believe this band is young and English; they sound like they were collectively dragged into life at some crocodile infested bayou in southern USA and weened on moonshine and raw roadkill. Proof of youth is in the grainy sepia-tinged performance video: there a lot more rubber to hit the tarmac with this band:

‘On One’ is out now and you can stream here.

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