News: Small Talk Shine On New Single ‘Always Always’

Fresh from the stages of a recent UK tour, Bournemouth’s rising musical phenomenon, Small Talk, is captivating audiences with their latest electrifying single, ‘Always Always’. This alt-rock sensation is riding high on a wave of guitar-driven, yet melodically infused Rock-Pop, leaving fans yearning for more.

Small Talk has masterfully blended infectious melodic hooks with deeply relatable lyricism, all set against vibrant high-octane soundscapes. The result is a euphoric, yet introspective sonic experience that has garnered them an ever-expanding, dedicated fanbase.

Produced by Alex Quinn (known for his work with The Royston Club and Lottery Winners) and masterfully refined by Robin Schmidt (renowned for collaborations with The 1975 and Liam Gallagher), ‘Always Always’ is a prime example of the band’s signature sound. It oozes commercial appeal while retaining an intense musical depth driven by distorted guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and pulsating basslines.

The track’s narrative gracefully unfolds through storytelling verses, gradually building tension before exploding into an infectiously catchy, yearning chorus. Lead vocals deliver a melancholic punch, beautifully contrasting the uplifting guitar-driven backdrop.

Speaking about the single, the band members shared their inspiration, saying, “Always Always was written about a close friend from my hometown of Bournemouth who moved away. It’s that sense of nostalgia and longing for the moments that we would spend together, completely oblivious to what was happening around us. It highlights the gradual decline of our town, the friends that we lost, and the memories that slowly faded away.”

Despite their relatively brief time together as a band, Small Talk’s sound is remarkably mature and bears all the hallmarks of a group poised to make a national impact. With another UK headline tour on the horizon and a slew of new music in the works, the band is gearing up for an explosive end to the year.

Small Talk’s ‘Always Always’ is the anthem of longing and nostalgia that has struck a chord with listeners, solidifying their place as one of the UK’s most promising alt-rock acts. Keep an eye out for their future endeavors as they continue to ascend the ranks of the music industry.

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