Resident DJ: tsuniman

tsuniman (real name: Iman Cavargna-Sani) is a DJ and Cultural Studies graduate from the University of Arts London. Originally from Switzerland, she’s been living in London for the past 5 years, where she got to grow a strong interest in electronic dance music; after a fortunate encounter with two members of London-based DJ collective Co-Select, she was invited to practise weekly at their first home in Imperial College’s radio station, where she learnt the art of djing and started getting more involved in the scene, playing at parties and organising events. Her sound taps into several genres at once; ranging from trancey techno to jungle and electro, EBM, cheesy euro, and synth-pop, tsunimanlikes to recreate soundscapes that transport to unknown galaxies of the dancefloor universe, and she is known for being a ‘tsunami’ of diversified sounds and tempos.Some of the places she’s played are Saatchi Gallery, Rye Wax, Grow Tottenham, Five Miles, and Ex-Forno (Bologna, Italy).