Premiere: Hugo Brijs Shares Gorgeous Psychedelic-Pop Return ‘Creeper’

Hugo Brijs emerges with his first single since 2021 ‘Creeper’, a stunning example of his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Needless to say, we’re very excited to be running the premiere.

Having built a reputation with a coveted spot on the 2023 long list for a British Independent Film Award for his stirring work on the BBC’s ‘Pretty Red Dress’, the co-founding the esteemed music production company Thunderdrum has further solidified his prowess, lending his sonic touch to the realms of Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Vogue, Michael Kors, and Tommy Hilfiger among others.

The new single showcases exactly what makes Brijs’ so special, blending haunting, psychedelic undertones with infectious melodies, captivating lyricism and some vibrant fuzzy guitar tones. The result is a track that sits firmly between indie-rock and psychedelic-pop, characterised by Hugo’s expressive lead vocal and cinematic arrangement adorned with layers of subtle strings, rhythmic keys and some anthemic chorus of backing vocals.

Ending with a flourish, the repetitive and enticing main riff, delivered through a thick orchestra of instrumentation, subtly lulls and rises in tempo, creating a sense of suspense. Nodding to 70s rock undertones whilst retaining a fluorescent, modern flare, ‘Creeper is a beautifully constructed track with a striking edge to reflect against the commercial nature of the vocal melodies. It’s an effortlessly cool effort and a stellar return.

Listen below:

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