Live Review: Creeper – Manchester Academy, Manchester 09/11/23

Creeper, the British rock band, has gained recognition for their unique blend of punk rock, pop punk, and gothic rock elements. Celebrated for their theatrical and energetic live performances, they have a distinct visual style that combines gothic and punk imagery, often incorporating storytelling and narrative elements into their music and overall aesthetic.

Their recent album release, ‘Sanguivore,’ while unmistakably Creeper, represents a deliberate shift in both sound and image. The album explores themes of vampirism and horror B-movies, adding a glam rock edge to their already well-established gothic imagery.

As the room fills with anticipation, violet lights cast an otherworldly glow, and the music crescendos, signaling the beginning of what is sure to be a captivating show. Darcia, the Vampire familiar, takes the stage, issuing a forewarning that it’s not too late to leave, before the curtain drops and she introduces the band as they enter stage one by one.

Choosing the new album track ‘Further Than Forever’ as the opening song is a strategic move, and the comparisons to ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ become evident. The nine-minute epic blends various musical styles found throughout the album, beginning with haunting pianos, transitioning into metal-influenced guitars and including spoken word segments all whilst incorporating moments of musical theatre. Lead vocalist Will Gould, performing as William von Gould, oozes stage presence and charisma making it feel like the performance is delivered almost to each person individually.

Despite being less than a month old, the crowd already knows every single word to every song on ‘Sanguivore,’ a testament to the immediate connection and resonance of Creeper’s latest release with their devoted audience whether it’s the rock’n’roll glitz of ‘Teenage Sacrifice’, the goth punk of ‘Sacred Blasphemy’ or the dark wave sounds of ‘Black Heaven’.

Hannah Greenwood captivates the audience with a spellbinding solo spot on stage during ‘Crickets.’ As the band delves into tracks from ‘Sex, Death, and the Infinite Void’ like ‘Cyanide’ and ‘Annabelle,’ it becomes evident that Creeper possesses a remarkable skill in creating deeply profound experiences. The crowd seamlessly becomes an integral part of the emotional journey conveyed through the music. While Creeper has always had a solid fan base, their popularity has grown exponentially in recent years, evident in the packed venue filled with adoring fans.

The encore performance of ‘Cry To Heaven’ not only raises the roof but also serves as a testament to the resounding success of the new album, which was released just a month ago. It’s a bold move for a band to choose a song from the recent album as the sole encore track, but the crowd’s overwhelming response and the thunderous reception it receives demonstrate the song’s potential to become a smash hit. Creeper’s ability to captivate their audience with new material is a testament to their artistic prowess and the immediate impact of their latest work.


Further Than Forever

Room 309

Teenage Sacrifice

Black Rain

Sacred Blasphemy


The Ballad of Spook & Mercy

Black Heaven




Ghost Brigade

I Choose to Live

Lovers Led Astray

Drum Solo

Down Below

Chapel Gates

Hiding With Boys



Cry To Heaven

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