Watch: Squarepusher – Detroit People Mover

It has been a ridiculously busy year for electronic musician Tom Jenkins a.k.a Squarepusher already.

Not content with the release of January’s Be Up a Hello, the first proper follow up to 2015’s Damogen Furies (Elektrac and All Night Chroma don’t count), last Friday saw the artist drop a five track EP, Lamental.

This week? He’s dropped a music video for the track “Detroit People Mover

A moody, almost Godfrey Reggio-like take of the 2.94 automated people mover, the video was directed by Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman, who has previously worked with DNTEL, Gosh Pith and Horatio Clam but perhaps more known for his non-fiction work incuding pieces for Discovery and BBC Reel.

The video, much like the track itself, stirs up a plentiful amount of sorrow and mournfulness – a far cry from the days of MTV2 hit “Come On My Selector” (which is 23 years old this year and still sounds ahead of its time.)

I like the way both of these videos articulate salient points about our urban environments – in Terminal Slam about the prevalence of advertising and possibilities for its subversion,” Squarepusher has discussed regarding the video, “and here regarding our zombie cities that despite the lack of everyday human contact continue marching on. The track itself is part of a series begun in 1993 inspired by the music of Detroit.

Lamental is out now through Warp Records.

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