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Welcome to Backseat Mafia. We are a collective of writers, creatives, photographers, DJs, film-makers, podcasters, musicians, editors, promoters and artists who write about the best in new and forgotten film and music.

Since 2013 we’ve been bringing you the best of what’s out there, and we are fiercely cross-genre. Through articles, sessions, mixes, gigs, releases, features, playlists and galleries, we’ve become one of the top 20 UK music sites, and we have readers and contributors from around the world. Our film section is well regarded, and our reviews have been quoted on posters, DVDs and across the internet.

If you like what we do, the best way to support the artists, films, creatives and us is to comment, share and like the posts you read. We try and be positive about the things we write about (or we wouldn’t bother) so tell us if you like something. By following our socials (see further down) it not only spreads the word about Backseat Mafia, but it helps the artists – whether new, established or forgotten, get exposure.

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Do’s and Don’ts – We get literally hundreds of emails a day. Don’t be offended if we don’t get back to you, or it takes a while. It doesn’t mean we don’t like what you’re doing – it might be as simple as we don’t physically have the time or writers to cover everything. Do keep trying again with us with your future releases, chances are something will stick, and we’ll get you or your label or your film online in the end.

Do follow our socials (links at the bottom of the page), and mention that when you contact us. It might well make a difference to us, when we have to choose between several potential reviews. If we write about you, or your artists, do share it everywhere, comment, like and show us that we haven’t wasted our time. We’re much less likely to write about you in the future if you don’t.

We don’t do paid advertising posts. We don’t charge for reviews. We’re not interested in SEO companies, and don’t try and sell us anything. If we like the look or sound of what you do, we will try and do something on it.


We’re constantly looking for writers and editors, photographers, film makers and video editors, DJs and podcasters, tech and social media people. No, there is no pay. We’ve never made a penny, but there are benefits. Do contact us whether you’re a beginner or an old hand at these things, we can help, advise, edit and support. Message us and we’ll talk you through it, whatever and however you want to be involved.

There is virtually no genre of popular music (or film) we won’t write about, put on sessions, podcast, playlist or promote. If you don’t see so much of it in the site, it because we don’t have enough people covering it. If you see loads of your particular genre of interest, we’ve probably got loads more we can’t get online.


Bands / Artists / Labels / PR – Try and be succinct, please. Do offer us premieres and exclusives, sessions and mixes. That attracts our attention more than a press release telling us how long you’ve admired what we do. Don’t tell us about stuff that came out a few months ago, wait and tell us about something you’re about to release. Oh, and follow our socials.

DJs / Producers – As above really, if you can or want to offer us a exclusive mix, please do – if we can accommodate, whether you’re upcoming, veterans, label bosses or distinctly rusty, we will. If you’re willing to do a monthly mix, please mention that – You’ll have us in the palm of your hands then. Do the socials thing.

Our Label – We have an occasional label, across all genres – although we like things that are always slightly leftfield, and we will put tracks out on digital and sometimes physical format. Please send demos and finished songs / projects, and we can discuss a way forward. It might not make you rich, but it might be a cool thing to do.

Film – Were not interested in endless trailers, TV series, gossip or news. If you’re a film festival, PR or film distribution company, send us your links, previews, etc.

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It helps us out, it attracts our attention, and it makes all of us feel a little bit fuzzy inside. Please don’t do that thing of following and then unfollowing. It is not cool, and we really don’t like it.

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