Track: Isador – Jungle

Uniquely combining a sneering indie rock attitude and dance floor electronica, the new single from US artist Isador (the solo work of Warren Heller) is a sonic rush. Heller says “I wrote ‘Jungle’ when I was living with my parents in New Jersey, I had just been signed to a record deal and was traveling to New York for meetings. It was an intense inflection point in my life. I was trying to figure out how to transition between these two worlds; realizing that I was leaving the comfort and safety of the house I grew up in for a city and industry that could never live up to the dreams I had for them.”

Heller’s vocals start from a distorted suppressed and restrained tone before exploding into a wild unhinged chant redolent of bands like Franz Ferdinand and the Kaiser Chiefs. ‘Jungle’ features a wild anthemic chorus backed with ferocious synth rhythms that veer into Nine Inch Nail territory:

It is exciting stuff.

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