Track: Mallrat – UFO ft Allday

Mallrat is the project of Brisbane resident Grace Shaw who has been receiving a great deal of well-deserved interest – firstly across Australia and now internationally. Mallrat has been selected to play at the legendary SXSW and will be doing some dates in the US to coincide.

Her new release, ‘UFO ft Allday’ represents well her earlier work – sweet and softly expressed melodies and a dream pop quality with personal, expressive lyrics. She adds rap – sometimes her own – and in this release, from Allday, an LA-based MC originally from Adelaide. I would not confess to any familiarity with the oeuvre of rap, but this addition fits seamlessly into the beautiful melancholy style of Mallrat whose reminds me a great deal of an antipodean Lily Allen:

By way of catch up, here’s Mallrat’s brilliant song ‘Better’, released late last year:

You can listen to Mallrat’s previous releases including her 2016 EP ‘Uninvited’ here:

A delightful treasure trove.

Mallrat’s dates in the US outside SXSW are:

April 3 @ Constellation Room, Santa Ana CA
April 4 @ The Echo, Los Angeles, CA
​​​​​​​April 10 @ Rough Trade, Brooklyn, NY

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