Track & Video: Naarm/Melbourne Artist Kramas Releases Alluring Art Rock Single ‘Give Me Your Money’

In an age inundated with extremely fleeting content, it’s rare to stumble upon something genuinely captivating enough to pull you away from endless scrolling from just a brief 10-second glimpse. Yet, that’s precisely what happened when Naarm/Melbourne artist Kramas teased their latest single, ‘Give Me Your Money’, on Instagram. Immediately drawn in by the enigmatic allure, I found myself compelled to uncover the full auditory experience immediately, wondering how such a mysterious gem had eluded my radar until now.

In a nutshell, ‘Give Me Your Money’ proves to be a journey through the realms of psychedelic art rock. With introspective lyrics and a melody that burrows deep into the recesses of your mind, it’s no wonder the song has already amassed thousands of listens within its first weeks of release. Composed by Suraj Thapa Magar, the thematic depth and mysterious allure of Kramas is embodied within this mesmerising composition.

Accompanying the single is a music video that seamlessly intertwines with the song, offering a visual narrative that complements its enigmatic essence. Amidst the perplexing imagery that unfolds like a cryptic montage of humanity’s triumphs and transgressions, the viewer is further immersed into Kramas’ mystifying world.

‘Give Me Your Money’ marks another stellar addition to Kramas’ repertoire, following the footsteps of previous releases such as ‘Nightcrawlers of St Kilda’. While the latter exudes a more raw, grunge-infused energy, ‘Give Me Your Money’ takes a more introspective and atmospheric approach, showcasing their versatility and evolving sound.

It’s clear that Kramas is inching closer to cultivating a cult-like following amongst passionate art rock enthusiasts. As the fervour surrounding ‘Give Me Your Money’ continues to grow, it’s evident that Kramas is poised to leave an indelible mark on the contemporary music landscape and we can’t wait to see more.

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