Track: Electronic Collective Emergency Escape Plan Unveil Ethereal New Single ‘The Page’ Feat. Octave Lissner

Electronic collective Emergency Escape Plan release the elegant and ethereal new single ‘The Page’.

Featuring guest vocalist Octave Lissner, the single brings together an emotive, captivating lead vocal above its rich soundscape of intricate, textural synth melodies, acoustic guitars, live bass and driving electronic beats. Crafting a distinctive sound, haunting sound, the band capture an essence of the likes of Royksopp and Massive Attack.

Octave Lissner, known for his soulful blues rock sound, lends his captivating vocals to ‘The Page,’ giving the track a captivating central hook that drives forward the otherwise ethereal and floating soundscape.

Sharing insights into the track’s narrative, they reveal, “When I wrote the song, I had in mind a story, I did not say anything to Octave; but when he wrote the lyrics, it was the same story.”

Founded by French composer Jordi Authier and producer Howard Whiddett (Sandancer), Emergency Escape Plan merges Authier’s compositions with Whiddett’s electronic production, resulting in poetic instrumental electronic music. Collaborations with talented musicians like saxophonist Charlie Burg and guitarist Robin Espagnet enrich their sound.

Listen to the new single below:

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