Film Review: Memory: The Origins of Alien

Not only is Alien one of the most important post-war sci-fi and horror films, it also contains a scene which will forever live in the minds of cinemagoers. The success of Ridley Scott’s film, and its sequels, ensured its iconography became enshrined within popular culture and celluloid mythology. As with many classic films there’s a fascinating backstory behind its inception, production and appeal.

Memory: The Origins of Alien, the new documentary from Alexandre O. Philippe, tells the origin story behind the creation of the iconic film. Thankfully, this is no Prometheus. Whilst Scott may have taken the helm, he wasn’t the only integral player in its birth. Named after Dan O’Bannon’s original script, we’re transported back to the very beginning to discover how one man’s vision and another’s visual imagination helped create something truly special.

 If you’re a fan of the franchise then Memory: The Origins of Alien is a documentary for you. Whilst there’s not much new here in terms of fact it gives a unique insight into how the film came into being. There’s also a wealth of rare archive material. Given that most of the footage is from the O’Bannon and Giger estates, Memory: The Origins of Alien does approach the subject from a certain perspective. One which is enlightening, if not complete.

Memory: The Origins of Alien is in cinemas from 30 August and on VoD & DVD from 2 September.

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