Exclusive: Hands Down records new single Paintroller live in session for Backseat Mafia

Swedish artist Hands Down (Filip Sjörgren) performed his new single Paintroller for us as part of our At Home Sessions. Combining groovy basslines and a melodic vocal performance, Paintroller makes for a fascinating listen.

Sjögren commented on what the song means to him: “The song about being coloured by everyone else”, says Sjögren, “and having your own ideas crushed by outside forces. Not feeling very welcome to the party, both in terms of music and society, feeling peer pressure. That’s what inspired the song. I had the whole song done at one point, and then I scrapped the vocal and wrote and recorded a whole new melody and vocal. That demo was called ‘paintroller’, and so that inspired me to write the new lyrics. I have no idea why that demo was called paintroller. But it is a very visual word”.

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Paintroller is out now Hands Down’s label Youth Recordings.



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